Sunday Glossary



A word to describe the feeling of sudden urgency to kiss someone, or in other words, known as a time between having a crush on someone and having one drink too many. Time after that, is called something else. I call it ‘feeling rather horny’.


More commonly known as assisted suicide which was recently legitimised in the state of California. Despite being one of the most controversial bills, raising tons of ethical questions – it was swiftly packaged into pop buzz words such as liberty and freedom of choice, still overhanging since legalisation of gay marriage, or at least that’s how Mark Leno, a democrat from San Francisco sees it.


A set of specified or traditional symbolic forms associated with the subject or theme of a stylized work of art. Also knows as latest buzzword shamelessly overused in social media by  everyone – starting with a man bun bearing hipster from East Village ending with a corporate accountant. It’s a fast and painful way to make tedious chart or resume into a work of colour block art. It also makes an inviting pin on Pinterest to promote a blog about blogging. Brrr..


A product which Steve Jobs once dismissed as ‘yuk’ and ‘over my dead body’. Ironically his words came true, manifesting into a post mortem torture device for $100. RIP Steve. This week Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apples creative guru Jony Ive presented us with a range of devices, including, commonly speaking, a fancy pen used for drawing on a oversized iPad, also known as modern version of Goldilocks and 3 iPads, putting traditional Goldilocks to shame. Not a fan, unless it was controlled by sheer brain power, otherwise – yuk.

Women-only Carriages

An idea which recently elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn casually proposed as a solution for sexual harassment on the train. A true feminist’s dream. A safe haven for women, also a sign of forward thinking when tackling social issues such cat calling and rape. Only one question – does it make men only carriages a pit for mysogionists  and sexually frustrated offenders? Can’t get my head around it.

Two Cappuccinos 

An involuntary foot and eyelid twitching, also known as the moment when I realised I shouldn’t have ordered that second cappuccino while writing this post. Have a good week everyone!

Sunday Glossary

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