Home is Where The Inspiration Lives or How George Orwell Wrote 1984

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This month I had to face my ultimate fear – finding Ā a new home. So farĀ it’s been the pain in the arse, but I’m optimistic. Living in a shared flat in London is fun when you live with your friends. What happens when all your friends move in with their other halves and you are still single? You move in with strangers. How do you find these homes? You venture out online. Apparently, in this day an age, the only way to find home or love is going online.

The advantages of living in London can be numerous, but finding a cheap good size room in a hip location is almost as impossible as finding a relationship which lasts longer than five dates.Ā Even when you thought you came across a perfect flat, you are Ā merely one in 500. It’s only down to your lucky stars if you get invited for a viewing, but even then, it’s every man is for himself. It’s like going on a date – if chemistry isn’t there, chances of moving in are zero. London is tough, almost each area of your life is subjected to rejection whether it’s a job, love or property. You must be thick skinned if you want to succeed in either of these things. But it’s just as important to get them right as getting your shoe size – shoes that don’t fit will only slow you down.

Returning from another disappointing viewing, I decided to take a stroll around Hampstead Heath and stare at expensive fancy houses which I cannot afford. I like doing that time to time because I love the neighbourhood and it’s only a short climb from The Parliament Hill, one of the highest points and one of the most spectacular views in London. So before I knew it, I was standing in front of the plaque on the wall saying “George Orwell Lived Here”.

George Orwell was one of the most iconic authors of the 20th century, second of all he wrote 1984, a book on mass surveillance which is echoing in today’s world more than ever. Fascinatingly, heĀ lived just a short walk from one of the highest points in London. A spot which revealsĀ London’s panorama in exquisite detail. Is this a coincidence, or did it serve as an inspiration for one of the greatest books of our time? What if the concept of Big Brother came from the desire to know everything about what’s been happening on the ground below, to see closer than coin operated binoculars allow you to?

Yes, inspiration works in mysterious ways, but also, sometimes it works in rather obvious ones. What if sometimes you just need to get closer to the sky so you don’t get distracted by the gravity? Imagine climbing to the top of Everest and writing a book from there? Yes, I watched the film yesterday. Ā Being so far away from the distractions of the real life, must do something to your imagination. It must be the air, something ethereal, only picked up by the most curious souls. Or may be it’s just being closer to the God, away from city noise you can hear his words clearer. Wait, isn’t this how 10 commandments were created?

My advice, look for places which touch your soul and stir your imagination. It’s fairly possible that as you’ll be sitting on a bench starring at the city, a genius would appear and you’ll know you got it. One thing I can only hope for is that towards the end of this month a will find a home which will do what it did to George Orwell – inspire the beens out of me. Nothing less and nothing more.

Home is Where The Inspiration Lives or How George Orwell Wrote 1984

Sunday Glossary



A word to describe the feeling of sudden urgency to kiss someone, or in other words, known as a time between having a crush on someone and having one drink too many. Time after that, is called something else. I call it ‘feeling rather horny’.


More commonly known as assisted suicide which was recently legitimised in the state of California. Despite being one of the most controversial bills, raising tons of ethical questions – it was swiftly packaged into pop buzz words such as liberty and freedom of choice, still overhanging since legalisation of gay marriage, or at least that’s how Mark Leno, a democrat from San Francisco sees it.


A set of specified or traditional symbolic forms associated with the subject or theme of a stylized work of art. Also knows as latest buzzword shamelessly overused in social media by Ā everyone – starting with a man bun bearing hipster from East Village ending with a corporate accountant. It’s a fast and painful way to make tedious chart or resume into a work of colour block art. It also makes an inviting pin on Pinterest to promote a blog about blogging. Brrr..


A product which Steve Jobs once dismissed as ‘yuk’ and ‘over my dead body’. Ironically his words came true, manifesting into a post mortem torture device for $100. RIP Steve.Ā This week Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apples creative guru Jony Ive presented us with a range of devices, including, commonly speaking, a fancy pen used for drawing on a oversized iPad, also known as modern version of Goldilocks and 3 iPads, putting traditional Goldilocks to shame. Not a fan, unless it was controlled by sheer brain power, otherwise – yuk.

Women-only Carriages

An idea which recently elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn casually proposed as a solution for sexual harassment on the train. A true feminist’s dream. A safe haven for women, also a sign of forward thinking when tackling social issues such cat calling and rape. Only one question – does it make men only carriages a pit for mysogionists Ā and sexually frustrated offenders? Can’t get my head around it.

Two CappuccinosĀ 

An involuntary foot and eyelid twitching, also known as the moment when I realised I shouldn’t have ordered that second cappuccino while writing this post. Have a good week everyone!

Sunday Glossary

Life On The Singles’ Island Is a Life Worth Exploring

I like writing and reading satyrical articles, especially the ones which focus on dating and romance. When you read of someones unfulfilling experience, you gainĀ a feeling of solidarity towards your fellow comrades in the battle called “happily ever after” . After being single for the first 3 years, you gain the new perspective on when to stop taking life too seriously. While each of us are perpetually wrestling our egos about whether we should take rejection personally or how many texts does one deserve in a week, life goes on and going out solo seems not such a bad idea after all.

After being single for the first 3 years, you gain the new perspective on when to stop taking life too seriously.

It might not be adaptable for everyone. Being single is an interesting concept. Many women choose abusive relationships rather than venturing out out on their own in search for something more fulfilling. It’s a risk everybody has to take, yet most of us don’t commit to taking this step because of the fear of unknown. I had a choice.

When my last serious boyfriend sheepishly announced that he wants to sleep with other girls, I was heart broken. I could have stayed in this casual “see where it takes us” tug of war, or I could move on and have a real shot at my happiness. Ironically 3 years later, he ended up in a committed relationships and I ended up dateless on the Saturday night. Lesson learned: if a guy suggests he doesn’t want exclusivity – it means he doesn’t want exclusivity with you. No amount of time or conquests will change this. But there were also other things.

With time I grew more comfortable and essentially happier being single than having to sacrifice my dignity to facilitate the need for companionship. In spirituality it’s called talking control of your own life. Did I manage ok? Absolutely not.

In my previous post I would explore different mini stories of my chance encounters with guys and how well it didn’t go. In the process of analysis, one thing became more evident than ever – in dating you take the leap of faith and no matter what, the joke is always on you and you may as well laugh at it. I fell for a street photographer who was rude to me once. I went out with a guy who called himself prince on the night I met him and who tricked me into paying for the whole dinner. For some it may sound tragic, for me it’s just a moment in time like everything else.

We must work on our inner conflicts if we wish for anything good for us to happen. How can we have successful relationships if we expect never to be hurt or have any arguments? What’s a good make up without a good fight right?

By making conscious observations after each failed relationship, I began noticing certain patterns, moments when it all went downhill, times when I fell for the wrong guy, moments when I let my ego overshadow my personality, moments when I knew it’s time to stop fighting, yet I continued. You can read all the books on dating in the world, when it comes to real life,Ā it’s all about staying true to yourself, and if you don’t know who you are and what you want from your relationships, you can’t be fulfilled. Those who can’t do – teach, those who can – do.

Being single isn’t a curse, being single is really a blessing in disguise, because in the long run, the best relationship you can ever have is the relationship with yourself.Ā 

Life On The Singles’ Island Is a Life Worth Exploring