When Vanity Fair Took a Dig at Tinder

Tinder and The Dawn of Dating Apocalypse – was called an article by Vanity Fair which caused quite a stir amongst the public, however not as much as it was responsible for Tinder’s Twitter meltdown following the article. Although I haven’t seen that many debates regarding this topic, it’s a pretty juicy piece to stick my teeth into, and I was ready to suck everything out. We are looking at the clash of generations and the clash of moral values.

Article was covering the intimate point of view of regular Tinder app users, calling them simply – generation Tinder. For those who are unfamiliar, Tinder is a mobile app based on swiping either left or right mechanics depending on the attractiveness of the person seen on the screen. Or as I call it – objectification device – designed to glorify vanity. Hail to the generation Tinder – a generation of young people looking for casual intimate encounters with the members of the opposite sex. The author seemingly hand picked groups of people in their early/mid twenties to describe their dating experience using this app for a reason. It’s a new generation which will dictate trends for everything, including dating, love, and marriage. Although I still fall into the category of very early millennials, I feel massively fallen out of the context.

Like ordering food… except you get the person. A quote from the article. I detest Tinder and everything it represents. Despite being mocked by my friends (who use the app) for taking this game way too seriously, I tend to scrutinise any social application which poses any threat to romance. This one in particular, according to Vanity Fair, is the hermit. I agree that society is evolving and change presented upon us is imminent, however certain trends in our society instead of making our lives easier, are making them irredeemable.

Since the invention of the Internet we’ve heard different opinions on why taking dating online is a good idea. Main argument pro online dating, of course, proximity. From the personal experience, I can conclude, that chances of getting a date, even if you go out every night, are pretty slim and if you are busy twenty something professional who does’t have time to fish for a date, online dating could be A solution. In fact one third of the married couples have met online and for that reason dating websites and apps are becoming a lucrative business. On the other hand, many couples also divorced because somebody went online looking for a fling, but I’d rather not go digging though dirty laundry of others for the sake of validating my point.

Tinder however is a different beast. It’s not designed for dating in a sense of finding a soulmate, it’s build around finding hook ups, or as Twitter tinder account expressed it:

Whatever that means. Ok, so basically, now we know where babies come from. 8 billion of them to date, all conceived through a promiscuous casual intercourses powered by Tinder. Now, let’s talk about where STIs come from… Promoting promiscuity has never been OK, or has it? New “studies” are rapidly emerging around how humans aren’t supposed to be monogamous and how mating with multiple sexual partners is in our genes (who are we to go against mother nature….)  then why are there so many raised eyebrows after Ashley Madison’s recent hacker attack? People cheat – tah-dah!


God bless internet.

Although Vanity Fair picked very small group of people to interview, which seems like a very biased opinion, I believe that this group in particular represents the generation of young people who don’t have a choice to reject it, they are practically born into it, settling for this type of relationships as a standard, same as victorian duelling or what chivalry was decades ago. We may have have liberated female sexuality, but we also liberated male sexuality allowing guys around the world to brag about the number of sexual partners they had last week without being accused of the antisocial behaviour.

Is this the future of dating or are we living out the days of decadence?

Without introducing any conspiracy theories into this, let’s ponder for a second. With all this sex on the menu, guys are experiencing more and more sexual dysfunctions, creating an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to “solve” the problem by introducing more drugs to our diet, as opposed to admitting the fact that we are lacking in emotional connection, not hormones. This is how we eded up with the “female viagra”  which is not only another sexist attempt to turn female sexuality into a pathology, it’s an insult to all healthy women who’s sexual drive is being measured against male standards. Good for both businesses – bad for consumer.

If it looks like an apocalypse, it’s mostly for people who are trying to fill their emotional void with meaningless sex. Sadly we came down to animal instincts. As our spiritual intelligence is on the rise, why does it sometimes seem like we are spiralling downwards by fearing love – the purest and the most powerful emotion in existence? Or again, am I speaking for the very small part of the population? At the end of the day I am not on Tinder, and perhaps so are many other people who don’t see any value or need for it. As I was reading the article, I felt a delightful feeling of schadenfreude but also I felt deep sadness for this lost generation which is closing the door on the magical human experience of meeting on the street and falling in love.

When Vanity Fair Took a Dig at Tinder

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