We Are Many

Few days ago I went to the film screening called We Are Many  which was written and directed by Amir Amirani. It is the story of the biggest demonstration in human history, which took place on 15th February 2003, against the impending war on Iraq. One word – Powerful.

Being a bit of a documentary geek I know that not all documentaries can deliver an objective content when it comes to political investigation. Usually the director takes one side and tells a story why this side is more right that the other. In this case We Are Many is no different to any other political documentary except for it takes side of people.

On 15th February 2003 I was merely a school girl living in Lithuania, having little interest of what’s happening in the world. If I looked back in my diary, I’d know that I just turned 16 and I was probably upset about not having a date on the Valentines day. Simple life, ignorance is a bliss when you are 16. I wouldn’t have known of the grand events happening around the world. And it’s a shame.

We Are Many proved to be a documentary which tells a story of two powers – United States and people. It takes us on a journey which doesn’t have a good ending, only damage done and lessons learned. It has a clear point that decision of going to war with Iraq was a grave mistake which costs hundred of thousands of lives and future for those who survived. However the damage, as painful as it already is, is much greater as it triggered something as sinister, something what is now know as ISIS. And nobody had really anticipated that. This film was a proof that US people have elected a villain in a fairy tale called American Dream. 

This documentary has also sadly shown that when we have someone in power who is not succumbed to public opinion, this is where real disaster waiting to happen. What happened on February 15, 2003 was an unfortunate example of how little power public has over the decision of the top authority figure. And this is all happening in the age of so called democracy – a word used so widely it lost it’s significance and original meaning.

We are many not only explains why US manoeuvre was devastating, it touches up on organisations like UN. When Kofi Annan reluctantly admitted ex post facto that the invasion into Iraq was illegal, what is your first thought? All cats look the same in the dark? Truly thought provoking. We now have a chance to look at it as a movie with not so happy ending. We had the power of peace and the power of war. Peoples voice was ignored and it’s alarming.

Film itself also evokes strong emotion when you see millions of people marching for peace. We may say that our society is degrading and we are moving towards an inevitable end, however if there is one force stronger than anything in the world – it is the force of human collective consciousness. It might appear that thousands of years of warfare have not taught us anything, but it’s just a cynical opinion you will find in the media  expressed by individuals who are getting paid to spread the doom and gloom. You and I know that.

if there is one force stronger than anything in the world – it is the force of human collective consciousness

Watching We Are Many brought tears to my eyes because it shows that regardless of how much suffering happens on this planet, majority of us have hope and enough light to light up the darkest times in history. Never forget that.

We Are Many

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