Why weather forecasts from BBC are just small novels

And how first week of September is inspiring!

Spatial Background

UK Today

Settled conditions persisting, bringing variable cloud and sunny spells.

Any early mist and fog patches will lift during the morning. Otherwise, it will be a mainly fine day with variable amounts of cloud and some warm sunny spells, with just the odd light shower possible in the east…


Better than August!

Summer 2014 had been warmer and drier than normal, until August came along. August 2014 was much cooler and wetter than normal. In fact it was the coolest August for over twenty years and also made the top twenty wettest Augusts on record. But with August behind us, we can now look forward to a September that promises to bring an improving weather picture for many.

Monday 1 September—Monday 8 September
Mostly dry with some sunny spells

Pressure will build during the first week of September with the weather often dry. The amount of cloud however, will vary day to day. In any sunshine the weather will become locally warm for the time of year, with temperatures reaching the twenties, perhaps the mid-twenties given there will be some lengthy sunshine later in the week.

By Friday there is increased uncertainty in the forecast, with a chance of some rain in approaching the southwest. Otherwise the weather will stay settled.

Monday 8 September—Monday 15 September
Warmth might hold on in the south

Changeable conditions are most likely into the following week, with variable amounts of cloud. There will be some bright or sunny spells, but also showers or rain at times, particularly over central and eastern parts. Temperatures ranging from near normal in the north to rather warm in the south.

Monday 15 September—Monday 22 September
Typical September weather

During mid to late September most regions can expect to see periods of fine weather, with some warm sunshine at times. However, these fine periods may well be interspersed with occasional spells of cloudier, more unsettled conditions bringing showers or longer spells of rain.

Northern and western parts are probably most likely to see the more frequent bouts of unsettled weather, whilst southern and eastern parts should see the better fine and dry spells. Daytime temperatures are likely to be above average during fine weather which will leave conditions feeling pleasantly warm. Nights, however, may well be on the chilly side. During any unsettled weather, daytime temperatures are more likely to be near or below average leaving conditions feeling cool.

Next week  (A strong parallel between life and weather is seen here.)

The weather at the end of the month is uncertain.


Why weather forecasts from BBC are just small novels