Work and Play

In the past few months I have been very active reading and listening to lots of motivational and witty pieces of pop literature – or in other words – I’ve been searching for the answer to one and only, probably the most important question in my life at the moment, and it’s not why am I still single.

I’ve been trying to find out a secret to getting rich without having to do an actual work.

While I know this question is mostly delusional, yet I took a liberty of relying on other successful peoples expertise in hopes they will give out a secret to eternal abundance and wealth. All of them claim there are 5 – 7 – 10 principles of achieving success, you just have to follow the step by step and poof – you are a millionaire.

Alas, the more books I read the less I understand what it’s all about. Laptop Millionaire taught me where to look for money, 10x rule almost convinced me I have to work 10 times harder at anything to make money come. 7 principles of highly successful people convinced me that I am extremely average for any type of success.

I keep hearing about people who woke up one day and they lives changed for ever. They’ve spend all their twenties drinking and partying and working at average jobs until this one proverbial day when they became uber successful business men and women. Truth to be told, since I turned 25 I’ve been building my career plans. I got a job at the company and I projected myself a career ladder until I woke up being 27 realizing everything that I’ve been doing is taking me nowhere because I am not a corporation career obsessed woman or BEYONCE.

Since I turned 27 I’ve been going to bed every night and waking up every morning praying for illusive inspiration to kick me in the ass and show me the yellow brick road. Bad news – I’m still waiting, good news – I learned to enjoy my life while waiting.

Two nights ago I watched Yes Man again for the 5th time or so, and each time I watch it, each time I understand Zoe Deschanel character differently. First time I saw that film I thought she was just a bum. Now I see she is a girl who is just going for things that she finds worth her time.  She goes after what she wants. In spirituality it’s called the state of allowing of wonderful things to come into your life. How are you supposed to know what you do well if you keep on doing what you hate all the time or find it mediocre?

Your professional and your personal lives most of the time are two separate worlds, at least for the majority of people. One part is mostly compared to slavery and rather not being talked about, while the remaining part is description of attempts to fill the void created by professional routine with alcohol and wild parties.

Yet none of them can describe who they are – answer I am a financial analysts doesn’t give me much information, boring, next. So, you crunch numbers for a living, but outside of work you could be binging alcoholic and I met people like that. Assigning yourself to a physical function that eventually defines you is cruel. Unfortunately, majority of people prefer to classify people in such matter. You either CEO or a post room boy and by a popular opinion somehow post room boy generates less awe and approving head nods although after work and weekends he’s been working hard on developing a sustainable start up business model that will save the planet, figuratively speaking.

Job that you do however does not describe WHO you are but it plays a big part in how it makes you feel on the average day basis. So perhaps anyone who is looking for a career change or starting their own business, it’s good to begin from defining yourself. Not your ability to organize paperwork and delegate well (the regular bullshit found in CVs) or an ability to type 1000 a minute, but what makes up your personality, hobbies, how you spend your free time, who you hang out with or what you read. Once you have that, then you  will be able to see what can you do with your skills so it doesn’t sound like – I am borderline introvert but I would like to work as an event manager because it sounds fun. If you don’t spend all of your free time chit chatting to people – you will suck at your day job and so we start again.

I realized I might be spending all my life hoping to get an inspiration, read numerous books about other successful people yet never getting to the point when any of their teachings make any sense. It’s OK not to know what you want. You don’t have to KNOW what you want to do all the time  and the reason why people look at you weirdly when you don’t spit out an ultra complicated job title is because you don’t fit onto their mental definition. They can’t classify into one box or another so they don’t trust you. But it’s not personal. As long as you are staying true to your own dreams and needs and desires you’ll be fine. Not all who wander are lost.

True that we all need to pay bills, but it’s also true we need lives to live and enjoy ourselves (or facilitate the expansion of the universe if you may).  The proven truth is, money come to you from doing what you enjoy the most, this is when you at your most brilliant, all of a sudden you happen to have all habits of truly successful people and working 10 times harder that everyone else will seem like a fun day in the park. always be who you are and not what you do.


Work and Play

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