Feeling charitable today?

Last week I adopted a tiger. Thanks to WWF UK I am now giving away £3 every month to a charity that is protecting tigers. They are magnificent creatures and poachers love them for their alleged medicinal powers and fur.

For more than 1,000 years the use of tiger parts has been included in the traditional Chinese medicine regimen. Because of the tiger’s strength and mythical power, the Chinese culture believes that the tiger has medicinal qualities, which helps treat chronic ailments, cure disease and replenish the body’s essential energy. Endangered tiger parts such as bones, eyes, whiskers and teeth are used to treat ailments and disease ranging from insomnia and malaria, to meningitis and bad skin. Chinese texts state that the active ingredients in tiger bone; calcium and protein, which help promote healing, have anti-inflammatory properties. – taken from www.tigersincrisis.com

So here I go, hopefully my £3 will go a reasonable length to save at least one tiger.

Few hours later I saw an ad calling to save snow leopard. Since tigers are more difficult to catch, if not impossible, because they are so rare (and probably not stupid) snow leopards are number two poachers choice. So while I was happily printing my tigers “adoption certificate” off the internet, it occurred to me.

Doesn’t a snow leopard deserve to live a happy life too? And what about rhinos? And African elephants? And pandas? And what about coral reef? Part of me is bouncing around excited about possibility of “adopting” all of these animals, another part is skeptically rolling her eyes suggesting that I have to work for a living, and at this particular moment, it’s hardly a fancy living.

One part of me is worried about tigers, another part of me is horrified about children in russian orphanages growing up in still stale post-soviet conditions. And children in Africa, and all the disabled little kids, and children (and adults) who have cancer, or aids or some other horrible illness. And what about elderly, and homeless, and drug addicts and other people less fortunate than me? How do you make a decision who to support?

Would I make a difference if every month I was donating 100% of my wages in an attempt to help everyone in need? Would it make me happier? Not likely.

Now every time I am donating to a charity, not only I feel good, I also feel guilty for not donating more. To everybody.

Feeling charitable today?

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