The wind of change in Europe

This morning I woke up to voting results across Europe that have left me baffled about which direction the society is going. I learned that we are now going backwards. Despite not participating in voting, I see that whoever I voted for, wouldn’t have made much of a difference because at this point of human development, I am blowing against that hurricane. Despite all the wordy political bloggers attempts to make any sense out of this European elections, general public is still wondering WTF?

After years of reaching towards tolerance and equality, somewhere along the way, people decided that discrimination and exclusion is more important than integration and expansion. ¬†Isn’t this what Nazis strived for?

What happen with European elections yesterday was an alarming sign that European countries in fact hate each other and people made their voices represented by somebody who has enough political power to make decision that would validate the ever-growing hatred against each other. Welcome to the new old age of racism, antisemitism and populism. Even Prince Charles comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler is a worrying sign of hunger for war and conflict. World is hanging on the thin red line.

Who are these people? Are they so resistant to the global change that is bound to happen or are they solely propaganda victims? You might think that propaganda is a word specifically referring to politics in USSR. However having lived in UK for a while, people here  rarely second guess everything they hear in the media.  Media is nothing more than a tool of projecting biased political opinions on the population that is in the position of resisting the emerging brave new world. How is this different from demonized USSR propaganda when people in this country only hear whoever has a louder mouth. But on the other hand, this mouth speaks for the population that elected them. So who is spreading doom and gloom?

Peoples back is raddled by financial crisis, bankers, parliament, benefits caps, austerity measures, Russia or Brussels, list keeps going. ¬†Not surprising¬†country has elected somebody who will happily will take them by the hand to meet their shadow side where¬†desperate needs will be meet by archaic measures. By that I mean, we’ll have to live with consequences of mainstream racism and I’m guessing limiting women rights.

All this will subsequently be topped up by ignorance and absence of common sense.  Who would doubt since the majority of the population only cares about celebrity selfies?  The future is pretty grim.

Europe has ¬†made a choice of celebrating bearded women and discrimination against diversity all at the same time. I may not be the expert in the field, but there is certainly something wrong with this equation. I may not know what happens in the next five years, but this is the first step towards major disintegration that will destroy everything that we’ve worked so hard for over the past 70 years.

The wind of change in Europe

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