Inventing the wheel

Congratulations, we are heading back to where we started 100 years ago.

You’d think that in the past century WW1 and WW2 atrocities should have taught us something significant, but apparently they didn’t . Memory is fading along with war veterans who would still remind us of the horror that took place only almost a century ago.

History books are only teaching us what the government wants us to know. Children are having words put in their mouths causing the widening of the communication gap between two generations even further apart. Each government takes the convenient truth and makes it universal truth regardless of the facts simply because there are no more witnesses left alive. Yet why haven’t we learned anything?

Yes, we can try to find out the truth for ourselves online if only Google (or a corporate individual?) wasn’t tailoring our search results. We could go back to the good old  library but in which country? Each state has it’s own version on what went down in world wars. But these are only words. Images and the memories of the ordinary soldiers carry more horror than any of us could possibly ever read in printed text. Way beyond Dante’s version of hell.

Art of the apocalypse: Otto Dix’s hellish first world war visions – in pictures


People’s memory is short. Younger generation does not reference history anymore. It’s only today, it’s only me. Part of us choose to remain ignorant and there is a part of us who choose to invent a wheel all over again. We think we act as revolutionary pioneers when all we are really doing these days is raising fascism from hell. And surprisingly enough, government states in US, Europe and Russia are still playing the same universal roles that were assigned to them centuries ago. We still have the villain Russia, the double standards superman of United States and deaf-mute  European Union which is looking only after it’s own interests by acting from the safe distance because let’s be fair –

War is expensive game for world leaders costing them power balance, financial stability and human lives. In this particular order.

World wars have proven that human race had pretty shit luck with world leaders in the past. Yet, although the world map has changed, human nature hasn’t. Did I ever dream to see neo-fascist burning russian minority alive in Ukraine in the 21st. century? Most are neither “separatists” nor “rebels”, as the western media calls them, but citizens who want to live securely in their homeland.

Our memory became blunt leaving no room for compassion. We are men and women in our early 20s and 30s leading the future world and yet we are the same people making genocide sound like a casualty.  Why are we so hungry for war? It’s true that we are left with less than desirable economic and ecological legacy but we are also left with bitter and aggressive thug-like society that stands for psychopath ideologies. And that’s only in Europe.

We are also left with the ignorant part of western world that is backing up US actions by naively believing that US is the way of the world just just like British Empire used to claim the ways of England are the ways of the world while colonizing south east Asia. Poll in 1992 in US on doubt on holocaust showed that 1 in 5 Americans thought it didn’t happen. This is alarming because america with it’s double standards continues to dictate which country needs to be invaded next due to it’s inability to recognize democracy or needs to be liberated from oppressive regime? And I’m wondering whether this holy grail of democracy only exists to serve capitalism and corporate figures in west while sending east marching straight into nazism and anarchy and war?  I’m genuinely hoping I’m wrong.

So while Europe and US are playing with Russian hot potato, Ukraine is being ruled by fascist. And if we still deny holocaust can happen in the 21st  century , then read history documented by people and not politicians.

Nearly 4,000 first world war diaries made available online





Inventing the wheel

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