Beauty and the Beast

The story of a beautiful girl Belle who becomes imprisoned in a castle of a monster who is actually a prince charming trapped inside a beastly body. She wakes up a man in him and saves him from the eternity of living with a curse. They live happily ever after.

The parallel between this fairy tale and a real life isn’t so far away from the reality that young girls assign to themselves. Young Belles are everywhere and they want the whole world to see them. Beauty is something that certain people come into this world regardless of the social status, income or nationality. You can pay lots of money to change the way you look, but natural beauty can never be fabricated. Hashtag no filter. Hashtag get over it.

We usually use our pretty assets to win employers at the job interview or flirt our ways into a free drink at the bar. It’s general belief (which is also not backed up by any legit studies) that good-looking people are more successful in life, but this is ultimately drawing a fugly line between intellect and physical attractiveness. It’s primitive and narrow-minded, but yet it doesn’t stop us from spending thousands on plastic surgeries and beauty products. Such stereotype is a mental leech sucking out all common sense  – if you are intelligent, you can’t be good looking, and if you are good looking – you can’t be smart. Here’s a thought, why can’t it be both?

Belle was beautiful and she loved reading!

Media isn’t helping either, especially with programmes such as Beauty and the Geek, Bachelor, The Only Way is Essex etc. It’s promoting a borderline culture that carries no value to a persons spiritual or intellectual development hence we are stuck with Yahoo “News” feed full of Millie Mackintosh  make up tutorials.  It was incredibly refreshing to see Amal Alamuddin as a real life example of how physical features have nothing to do with your intellect, except that tabloids are still taking the liberty of referring to her as “the hot lawyer lady” which is extremely unflattering for a woman of any occupation. Let’s hope this belle can turn this beast (graying George Clooney, divorced, 52)  into a family man.

Now look at the other side of beauty spectrum where beauty is a commodity. Models for example. Many girls are aspiring to be models from an early age because they are rich, pretty, other girls envy them and men what to love them.  However the more I turn to fashion for an inspiration, the less I want to have anything to do with it. Fashion industry is vile.

Behind the glossy cover of a well photoshopped super model, not only there is an obvious explicit hot-red message saying – I don’t eat and you can’t afford these clothes. There is also an implicit message saying – I’ve beaten roughly 2000 girls to get on this cover. This message is directed only to a particular group of people, called teenage girls aspiring to be famous. The chances of becoming world’s famous supper model are so slim, it’s almost not worth trying. The moment they even think of intention, they become to old, too fat or out of style mainly because their faces are not what the market is looking or this season.

And the sad thing is, I’m not talking about purses here.

What these covers are also failing to mention is that model world is very well sugar-coated child prostitution. This was subtly expressed in the sinister documentary I watched recently called “Model Girl”. It tells us a story of an ex-model  Ashley Arbaugh, obviously, loathing modelling business but yet making a living out of scouting girls in a very remote siberian city Novosibirsk to work for Japan’s fashion market. Show spins around the journey of a young russian girl who has “made the cut” age 15 during one of the castings held in her city.

It’s extremely difficult to witness her getting a taste of fashion reality which has nothing to do with a fairy tales we see on TV.  The requirements for success are anything but inspiring – very young teenage girls (basically children) with a pretty face and super skinny body. Young girls can be as young as 12-13. They don’t make any money from modeling, but you ultimately know that those who stick around are following a very different route that often ends up in morgue.

It’s tragic to see the generation of young bright women growing up in Russia, especially born into poor families, turning to fashion industry to make a living. They should be at schools learning science, studying journalism, learning languages, aspiring to be young entrepreneurs – not models. However, when you been living on the edge of poverty, it’s not very difficult to make a choice between academic route and an the obscure idea of success abroad. Especially when you are 15, your parents aren’t making any money, or they are raging alcoholics and all you really want is to escape the abusive home.

It’s not their fault the world is this way. Most of them grow up into their teenage years being very sensitive and humble girls with strong moral values. They make wonderful mothers and wives and daughters. But soon youthful optimism evolves into something darker – a cynicism and disappointment.

While beauty in the west is being seen as a sign of vanity, beauty in the east is a meal ticket. Glorifying cult of celebrity and fashion glamour is deteriorating to our social values. We don’t realize that we are leading our generation of future wives and mothers by the hand straight into hell. Ignorance isn’t a bliss, ignorance is a curse.

We’ve turned beauty into the beast.

Beauty and the Beast

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